Monthly Archives: September 2018

Who’s the Queen of the Disinformation World?

It is hard to imagine our enemy Satan would stoop so low as to use innocent fresh faced minds of earth unknowing female population, but wait a minute didn’t the snake talk to Eve? and what did Eve tell the world? Don’t do what God instructs to protect life from our enemy in space. Get your Bible out and open it to Revelation 17, this podcast is a clear cut example of the living word. Women are the best voice in a talking multi-channel cable TV remote controlled reality to sound so smoothly deceitful, and they don’t even know there on Satan’s team!

The Swords of Satan

In this Podcast arm your mind with the knowledge of the End Time warrior, with  details of the enemy weapon systems active on earth. Clear cut examples: the Fake News Show Meet the Press and  Modern Babylon’s Slenderman are exposed for what they are, a mind control weapon delivery system. Don’t worry this Truth will set you Free and you can share this with others. Be sure to download and keep on your devices, inquiring minds will want to hear this.