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Black Moon, Human Hybrids and SOLID Proof of God’s Existence.

OH OHH Spaghetti Ohs, brothers and sisters: Two more End time signs that can’t be ignored, what’s a good Christian to do? Get Zombie Apocalypse trained of course, this podcast will blow your mind, be sure to tighten you Bible Belt.

We’ve seen all kinds of interesting phases of the Moon, from “Super blood Moons” to “full worm supermoons” to even the stunning Strawberry Moon.

But July 31 will mark a rare occurrence for Earth’s natural satellite — a phenomenon known as a black Moon. The sparse celestial event will be seen in North America.

Japan Approves Groundbreaking Experiment Bringing Human-Animal Hybrids to Term

30 JUL 2019

Stem cell biologist Hiromitsu Nakauchi has been waiting for this moment for more than a decade.

After years of planning, the persistent researcher has at last received approval from a government willing to pursue one of the most controversial scientific studies there is: human-animal embryo experiments.