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The Orion Stargate completes the UFO mysteries, plus JWST

Part 2 of How UFOs operate in the vastness of space, the expanding balloons analogizing the wormhole in plausible realistic terminology.You get it when you get it. Space wormholes are real

Orion’s connection to History and the Holy city. Well documented in ancient text/now you have the answer why.

NASA’s new space super camera the James Webb Space Telescope

What are they looking for?


Super Ciphering the UFO Mysteries

What a day in the Zombie Apocalypse! UFOs; a long debated mystery of space, the truth is now coming to light, their real, their here now. UFOs are a preliminary space contact,

Why? to prepare earth for the big contact/Space communication

Author Richard Flentge gives a clear concise explanation; with facts and detail, connecting current UFO sightings, science and Physics to the ancient text. If your looking for a great revelatory podcast on truth , this is the one for you. And get Richard’s book Zat, Zombie Apocalypse training at this link

‘Most of the UFO evidence hasn’t seen the light of day’: Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the government is covering up evidence of unexplained encounters
‘long-standing global cover-up and mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon’
‘Why the federal government all these years has covered up, put brake pads on everything, stopped it, I think it’s very, very bad for our country,’ he saidWhen asked if he’s saying there’s still evidence that hasn’t yet been publicly disclosed, Reid replies: ‘I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day’Since leaving office in 2017 he has become increasingly outspoken about UFOs Following the release of videos taken by pilots that show ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ in April, Reid wrote: ‘The American people deserve to be informed’