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Oumuamuas Space scout

Intellectual discussion of recent article by distinguished Harvard astrophysicists Avi Loeb on the cigar shaped interstellar object spending “time” in Earth’s solar system.  Avi Loeb spent his whole life’s work searching for Alien Life, when he found it, the scientific community refused to believe him. He currently being held in the Zombie Apocalypse space alone matrix as described in the book ZAT, be sure and get your copy now, as “Time” is short.

UFO’s in the Bible, Mirrors, the God UN-Dilemma

UFO’s in the Bible? it’s really the same story of Today’s media world in a different way of telling, a brief encounter with an image of “something” in the sky, people have been seeing ” something” since way back, trying to get the truth out, we are not alone in space.

Take a long look at a distant mirror and THINK how did I get over “there” when I’m over “here.”?

The God of Universe has sent UFOs? interesting pondering, take a listen.

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In honor and tribute to All-American Martin Luther King, a man of God and servant of the Lord.

Space buds, Space Duds and FM radio

Are UFO’s space buds? of course they are, most of the time, even if not UFOs stories still send the same message, Earth is not alone in space.

Strange FM radio signals from a moon in Jupiter? Here we go again with Jupiter and the JUNO mission what is it NASA’s not telling us this time? Listen to the answers in the podcast.

Wish I was in Tijuana… eating BBQ’d Iguana