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Strawberry Moons, SpaceX UFO, Whoring

Another Day in the apocalypse, the signs total is adding up to astronomical numbers, can’t hardly keep count. this is a podcast spot on the target, catch the devil by his tale and read the headlines and your book of Revelation or vice versa.

The April 26 pink moon will be the first of three straight supermoons on the 2021 lunar calendar.The next one will appear on May 26 — and it coincides with a total lunar eclipse. The May full moon is normally known as the flower moon, but this one will be called a super flower moon or a super blood moon, referring to the reddish-rusty color that’s common during a lunar eclipse.19 hours ago — SpaceX starship had ‘near miss with a UFO‘ and ‘astronauts were told to prepare for a CRASH’, Nasa reveals .

What is the Bugs Bunny Challenge on TikTok?

OK, so, the Bugs Bunny Challenge that’s popular on TikTok right now is a trend where people record themselves lying on their stomachs with their feet up — so that the soles of their feet are facing the back of their head — in front of a mirror to a Russian song that features the words “Bugs Bunny.” But it gets a little cheeky (seriously though). Toward the end of the sound, users lift up their hips so that their buttocks are above the ground and also appear above their head.